Humanitarian Data Challenge

TxGIS Day, 2020

Want to create some data for a good cause? Want to win prizes?

A special initiative led by CenTex Mapathons, Texas A&M University, URISA GIS Corps and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). Missing Maps is powered by volunteers around the world. Using OpenStreetMap, an open, free, and crowd-sourced platform, volunteers map underserved regions in order to provide international and local NGOs and individuals with geographic data to better respond to crises.

At this virtual VGI Competition, we will be mapping parts of the world's most remote locations to help organizations respond more effectively to humanitarian emergencies like disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and more. Beginner and experienced mappers are welcome to join this event.

There are 2 sessions:

  • Session 1: Monday November 16, 2020 at 9AM CST
  • Session 2: Monday November 16, 2020 at 1:30PM CST

TAMU Winners

All Other Winners

Great prizes will be awarded to three Texas A&M winners.

  • 1st Place Prize: Apple iPad (7th-Generation), 10.2", Wi-Fi, 128GB
  • 2nd Place Prize: Bad Elf GPS Pro+
  • 3rd Place Prize: $150

*  The 1st Place winner will get their first choice of prizes. The 2nd Place winner will choose next. The 3rd Place winner will get whichever prize remains.

Prizes for Texas A&M students provided by the TAMU Office of Mapping & Space Information, the TAMU Transporation Services, and the TAMU Intitute for Data Science.

Texas A&M Award Eligibility

Only current Texas A&M graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to win the TAMU prizes, while non-TAMU participants may win the non-TAMU prizes.

Great prizes will be awarded to three non-Texas A&M winners.

  • 1st Place Prize:  $150
  • 2nd Place Prize:  $100
  • 3rd Place Prize:  $50

Prizes for Non-Texas A&M students provided by: Cyclomedia

Non-Texas A&M Award Eligibility

Non-Texas A&M prizes may be won by any member of the public at any age.

Rules, Participation, and Winners

  • In order for a chance to win, participants will be required to have an active GIS Day account.
  • Participants must Sign Up for OpenStreetMap Prior to Joining Session(s).
  • Winner must be registered for the event.
  • Having a second screen is encouraged.
  • Winners will be announced on Wednesday, November 16 at the Closing Remarks & Awards session.
  • Participants do not need to be present at the Awards Ceremony in order to be selected as a winner.

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