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Are you interested in joining the TxGIS Day family? There are many different ways to get involved from career fair opportunities with paths to recruitment, expo booths, panelist sessions, and topic session presentations, from partnerships all the way to sponsorships.

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A special thanks to our industry, community, and university partners directly contributing to make GIS Day as spatial as it can be.


A matrix of cells, also referred to as pixels, arranged into a grid of columns and rows. Each cell represents a value in a variable.


A 2-dimensional, vector, bounded shape composed of a finite sequence of straight line segments called edges or sides, converging at vertices.


A 2-dimensional vector feature composed of a at least two connected points.


A 2-dimensional vector feature representing a discrete geographic location.


Thank you for joining us for Texas A&M University's GIS Day 2021.

In a normal year, this is where we would be providing you with parking validation instructions, information about how to get to different buildings, etc.

Since it's 2021, you don't need to know any of this. So, the logisitics are simple:

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